Give and take… a photo 📸

I will be taking and sharing a photo, every day, during the month of April. Anything that intrigues me or inspires me. Something that catches my eye and begs to be photographed. I’ll be posting them here, on my medium page, and inviting you to share too.

Day 1: lunch walk

Two nights ago, I was mindlessly scrolling through photos on my Facebook page. It didn’t take me long before I got to 2017, 16, 15… a time when I was pretty active with my photography.

Living in New York I was constantly inspired or intrigued. For a few years I even co-lead a photography guild.* Photo opportunities jumped out at me and I actually took the time to stop and frame a photo. It brought me a lot of joy.

As I scrolled back up, I noticed that the photography sorta drops off for the last year and a half. For a variety of reasons, when I moved to Pennsylvania my desire to pause and photograph dwindled. And it’s seems like with motivation went my imagination. I’ve felt stuck and creatively listless for awhile, yet there’s this lingering longing. I miss those moments of inspiration.

Day 1: one cup deep ☕️ getting set up to write this (desktop inspiration: my favorite city: Chicago 😍)

So, I thought… I should just take photos every day and share them. They don’t have to be good; it’s just about being open, taking the time, doing the work, and seeing what happens.

Like most of you, I’ve spent the last several weeks at home. Life has, for the most part, drastically slowed and my world has gotten even smaller. Yet, our ability to foster a communal spirit in these times is profound. So, I invite you to create and to share your imagination with me!

I do not claim to be a pro and I’m a proud iPhonographer. So, here are the parameters:

  • You don’t need fancy equipment, you only need an imagination (and a device that takes a picture).
  • You don’t need to edit your photo (or do, if that’s you jam and it brings you joy).
  • Your photo can be staged or random.
  • It must be something that inspired you, intrigued you, caught your eye, and made you feel something.
  • It must be from that day, but…
  • You do not need to share every day, just when you feel the desire or inspired.
  • You may request your picture is shared anonymously or you may request I link to your website or share part of your bio or a caption you wrote.
  • You may ask questions and pay others compliments. If you see a connection you want to make, let me know and I’ll do my best to help you network!

Send me the photo (and a caption or website if you wish) in a dm on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn… or you can text or email it to me if you have my contact information. I’ll add it to that day’s post.

Let’s share our imaginations.

Sometimes, I think, it takes getting a little stuck to shake us loose.

Shoutout to some of the coolest friends I made in NYC. You STILL inspire me.

NOT a 90’s rock band.
We like posing.
I promise Heshan did not jump the turnstile. We legit swiped our metrocards.
Guild Collective 2015 w/ my co-leader Matthew.
We spent just as much time laughing as we did photographing.
One of my first photo guild photos (mainly because Matthew told us he hated selfies) with a woman who would become a forever friend.




Advocating for our mental and physical wellness through personal storytelling.

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Angie Vuyst

Angie Vuyst

Advocating for our mental and physical wellness through personal storytelling.

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